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Cine Film To DVD Transfer

This new service allows you to store original Cine Film to DVD media thereby saving precious, memorable and sentimental films. It is a very similar service to our Video to DVD transfer service. We capture both 8mm or standard cine films as well as Super 8.

3” Cine Film Last For Around 4 minutes - Approx 50 Ft in length

5” Cine Film Last For Around 10 Minutes - Approx 200 Ft in length

7” Cine Film Lasts Around 20 Minutes  - Approx 400 Ft in length

The DVD’s are not copy protected so you can copy them and hand them out to family members without a problem.

Current pricing is:

3” Cine Film Reel £19.99

5” Cine Film Reel £39.00

7” Cine Film Reel £60.00

Due to the complex nature of frame by frame scanning we do not carry out this transfer in house. Typical turnaround  time is 10 days.

Cine Film To DVD Transfer Service at Swanley Computers Ltd

Transfer your cine film to DVD at Swanley Computers Dartford Kent Current Cine Film to DVD transfer prices by Swanley Computers Dartford Ltd

Here is an example of cine film frame by frame scanning. The quality is reduced on this clip due to size and web streaming. The final product is better still.