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Laptop and PC repairs in Dartford Kent. Photo Printing, Scanning of negatives, slides and photo’s. Video to DVD transfer and more….

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Data Recovery Services

Should you suffer a data problem then stop using it and bring it down to us. There is no cost at all for us to look at it and let you know if any data can be retrieved. This is a far better option than giving it to someone who will run some free “data recovery” software that may well damage data that is possibly already degraded. Better to be safe than sorry. Data recovery does not include programmes themselves such as Word or Photoshop. But you can reload those.

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1 Meridian House, Park Road. Swanley Kent BR8 8AH

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Our recent investment in state of the art data recovery equipment as well as ongoing additional training and research means that the chance of getting data back from your faulty hardware has greatly improved. Data recovery has become a major part of our business over the last few years and our expertise has helped hundreds of customers to regain their data. Sometimes all of it and sometimes most of it and yes, we have to admit sometimes none of it! We do not have clean room facilities so taking the drive apart and replacing drive heads is not an option, despite what you see on YouTube.

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