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Laptop Screens Batteries and PSU’s

Depending on your model of laptop the screen could be replaced within 24 hours. Most newer laptop screens are LED models which means that there is only one type of replacement. Some laptops screens are called CCFL and some manufacturers fitted one or the other type in the same model range. If yours is the LED type then we can usually obtain a replacement within 24 hours and it will be fitted the day it arrives.

If your laptop employs either the LED or CCFL then it has to be brought into the shop so that we can take it apart and identify the correct screen.

There are hundreds of different screens and we deal with the four major UK suppliers all of whom offer 24 hour delivery. By calling us with your exact computer model and details we can pre order your screen so that it can be fitted within hours of you dropping off your computer. Simple!

You can now take advantage of our Laptop Repair Service.

If your laptop has a hardware problem we can quote to fix it.

  • Broken DC Adapters
  • Damaged LCD Display Screens
  • Motherboard Repairs
  • Replacement Hard Disk Drives
  • Back Light Problems
  • Network Adapter Failures
  • Broken Keyboards
  • Optical Drive Failures

The above are typical repairs that pass through our shop.

Batteries and Power Supplies are the two most popular items that require replacement on a Laptop.

Our Universal Power Supply fits most laptops and has the advantage of being able to be used with a wide variety of laptops too.

Straight replacements are also available, which means it will fit just that one laptop.

We can also supply a replacement battery for your system and we cover just about every model from every manufacturer.

As the range is very wide you can either call us on 01322 284435.

You can also bring your laptop into us if it is suffering from a “typical” computer problem. These include:

  • Not booting
  • Virus Infections
  • Damaged Hard Disk Drive
  • Optical Drive Failure
  • Windows Corruption
  • Blue Screen Problems
  • Data Retrieval
  • Malware Infections
  • Email Problems
  • Internet Problems
  • Windows Update Errors
  • System Rejuvenation
  • Reload Windows

…just to name a few. In fact we can probably cover just about every laptop repair. Call us on 01322 284435.

You can now choose from a range of accessories and peripherals for your laptop from our stock in our retail shop in Dartford.

  • Laptop bags
  • Webcams
  • Mice
  • Skins
  • Keyboards
  • Flash Drives
  • Portable Hard Disk Drives
  • Replacement battery
  • Cooling Fan
  • Power Supply
  • Miniature Hubs

Car Park available opposite the shop and directions here