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Video Transfer

We can transfer VHS / VHS-C / Video8 / Mini DV / All Tapes! Now Cine Films as well.

Why not take advantage of our new service and transfer your old videos onto modern DVD disks. We offer a rapid turnaround and free additional features.

All tapes tend to deteriorate with age so why not protect those Wedding / Christening / Holiday / School / Family videos into modern DVD’s which will play on computers and DVD players.

  • Tape to DVD £14.95
  • Copies £3.50 per disk
  • A second disk is required for video’s over 2 hours long to maintain quality

As a general rule Video8 and Mini DV tapes capture a lot more video that older VHS tapes. Therefore, in order to preserve the original footage as much as possible we do not reduce the quality of a video to fit onto a single DVD. We maintain the quality and use 8 Gig Video Disks to hold the video data as opposed to 4.7 Gig DVD’s.

Typically an hour of video will fit onto a single DVD. However, a lot of tapes are between 1 and 2 hours long, with a few being more than 3 hours or so. In these cases we supply 1 disks to cover a full 2 hours at high quality and 2 disks for up to 4 hours – again in high quality. More details on this can be found here.

Your VHS, Video 8, Hi8, and Mini DV videos are not sent away we do the whole production in-house.

Please note that very old VHS tapes or those badly stored can be subject to condensation, tape deterioration and wear. The quality of the final product will depend on the quality of the original.

Betamax Tapes Can Now Be Converted as Well (we have to send these away though) £19.99

Video transfer to dvd, video to dvd conversion dartford kent

Maintaining the quality of the original video is a key consideration when transferring video to a DVD disk. A standard DVD disk can only hold about 1 hour of high quality video. If you want to get more than an hour onto a standard disk then you have to reduce the quality to “standard” or “long play” in order for it to fit. If you reduce the quality of the video then the final output will be affected – it simply wont be as good. It’s as easy as that.

When you reduce the quality the final picture becomes more “grainy” and “blocky”. You need to remember that VHS video tapes are a much older video format and not as good as today’s video’s. Any reduction in the final video image will be noticeable. A 4 hour video copied to a standard DVD is very poor compared to a high quality transfer over 2 video dl disks.

In order to fit 2 hours or so onto a DVD you have to use Video DL Disks which will hold twice as much data – hence 2 hours. Therefore, on this one single, special, Video DL disk you can maintain the quality and keep it onto a single disk.

For videos above 2 hours a second disk is required in order to maintain the quality.

We started to introduce the new Video DL disks in 2017 and customers now get a single disk for 2 hour video tapes and 2 disks for tapes up to 4 hours… much better.

Transfer your cine film to DVD at Swanley Computers Dartford Kent

This new service allows you to store original Cine Film to DVD media thereby saving precious, memorable and sentimental films. It is a very similar service to our Video to DVD transfer service. We capture both 8mm or standard cine films as well as Super 8.

  • 3″ Cine Film Last For Around 4 minutes – approx 50ft in length – £19.99
  • 5″ Cine Film Last For Around 10 Minutes – approx 200ft in length – £39.00
  • 7″ Cine Film Lasts Around 20 Minutes – approx 400ft in length – £60.00

The DVD’s are not copy protected so you can copy them and hand them out to family members without a problem.

Due to the complex nature of frame by frame scanning we do not carry out this transfer in house, the typical turnaround time is 10 days.

These services are supplied by Yesterday Reborn Ltd

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